About The Mirror Principle

Every now and then, a book is released that reminds us of what truly makes us great. The Mirror Principle rekindles the human torch; lest we forget, in the midst of everything, that we were born great, and have a beautiful inheritance.

The Mirror Principle

Our fulfillment really does come down to one formula; one simple principle. The Mirror Principle is as simple as it is powerful.
The Mirror Principle is for those who are tired of the rat race; who want to understand how to live life to its fullest; who want to make sense of what it means to be truly successful.
The Bible, the Quran, the Torah, the Analects of Confucius, and all the great writings all point to one simple truth: our lives are like candles lit at birth; some burn fast, some burn slow. Some burn bright; some burn dimly. Just like candles we live best when we light up; just like candles our lives are never shortened even when we light up thousands of other candles around us.
The Mirror Principle ensures that when we get to those twilight years, just before our candle burns out, we can look back with a smile and say, “life was not a chore; far from it; it was fun, it made sense, and I am grateful to have lived!”
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Hello! I am glad that you took your time to visit.
At this point I would love to say this book is a culmination of years of experience or great expertise. Alas, it is not. The book carries a timeless message. I am simply a messenger. My passion for human potential, made me a seemly candidate to remind us all of The Mirror Principle. It connects with my belief that the future is bright for a lot of people who at this moment many have given up on, and the countries in Africa and around the globe that have only known one disappointment after another.
This message is frankly not new; it has been delivered from generation to generation. I only serve to make it reverberate. Its power is yours to own and enjoy. My only entreaty to you is that you use it to write your own story in the sands of time. Your life is a book waiting to be read. Let us not leave the ink of the chapters of our history in unused pens. The world has been robbed enough.


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Uche I.

Terrific read, ageless truths, thrillful storytelling; the rarity of the style, timelessness and fluidity of the bests of George Clason, Og Mandino, Paulo Coelho and James Allen all meshed into one peerless gem of a book. Certainly, one of my best reads.

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Elena Streltsova

A thought provoking book highlighting a simple truth in a different perspective, which helps to remind yourself that all our futures are in our hands. It brings to life so many stories that can appeal to everyone, so that no matter who you are - it can help you think differently and find peace within yourself. Will definitely keep this one at hand for the future - so I won't forget that it is up to me to build my own path and find true happiness.

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Sarita P.

I found The Mirror Principle to be very inspiring. The style is engaging, and it makes a powerful law so simple to understand and master. I am already thinking of my purpose and my fulfillment. Good read!


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