What makes Mirrors so powerful? The mirror is perhaps the most undervalued invention of man’s modern era. There is hardly any home without a mirror; hardly any human being that has not used one. All throughout the existence of mankind, there has been an undeniable need for the mirror. Whether it was a mirror made out of obsidian glass in 6000 BC, or polished copper in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC, or silvered glass in Germany in the 1800s, the use of the mirror in our daily lives is astounding.

Did you know that…

  1. There are over a billion mirrors existing in today’s world. Almost three quarters of these mirrors go unnoticed. The oldest mirrors are likely pools of dark stable water or water held in a vessel. Mirrors form an essential part of vital devices like security systems, solar power generators, car rear and side view mirrors, dental mirrors, cameras, televisions, telescopes, periscopes and video projectors.
  2. Most of the greatest artists have used mirrors in creating the most celebrated portraits in art history. While designing the much-heralded Hand with the Reflecting Sphere, M. C. Escher used a mirror to view his surroundings including the view of places that his natural eyes could not see.
  3. Mirrors, notably in the ancient times commanded great superstitious meanings. Mirrors were regarded amongst many wise councilors as the reflection of the soul. Mirrors were used as the ultimate tool in traditional witchcraft. It was said that when you break a mirror, you break a soul. Many Buddhists believe that hanging a small circular mirror outside of the front door repels bad spirits. Many Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Indians, and even modern day Romanians use mirrors to ward off or trap the souls of evil spirits. Scryers the feared diviners, use mirrors to peer into the mystic future. Many diviners still summon a person’s soul by looking in a mirror in a dark room.

Mirrors have been key to our successes as an advancing race. Ancient kings have wielded it; religious icons have extolled its qualities; men and women alike have trusted its message; artists have pondered on its power; scryers have used it for powerful divinations; scientists have employed it at the forefront of their inventions. The mystique surrounding the mirror continues till this day. Its relevance in our everyday lives is huge. The mirror has had many meanings to many cultures from generation to generation. The mirror has played a big part in our lives; from how we view ourselves to seeing things that the normal eyes are unable to see. In a sense the mirror is our judge. In another sense, it is our third eye. Through the mirror we see an image of ourselves that gets imprinted on our hearts and minds. It also shows us details and angles that our physical eyesight is limited in reaching.

Mirrors have become a part of our daily routine. In a sense almost all of us rely on mirrors to maintain a positive self-image. Without mirrors we either possess a shaky confidence, or we rely on the previous images presented to us sometime in the past. It is amazing to realise that the most powerful mirror lies in our minds. The physical mirror on your bedroom wall may control the way you feel about your body but the mind’s mirror controls your entire life. Not everyone has a mirror in his or her bedroom but everyone is born with a mirror in their minds. It is this mirror that we look into more than any other mirror that exists. The mind’s mirror is not made of glass and silver coating; it is made up of our imagination and beliefs.

I once lived in a block of apartments where the builders thought it was a genius idea to fit mirrors into the elevators. For some reason the mirrors in the lifts made everyone look like their bodies had been badly inflated with a pump. You got into the lifts, and the reflection of a monster was staring right back at you. It was hilarious; troubling to some. I know the feeling of near depression I felt anytime I got into those elevators and stared at my reflection. Did you know that these days, there are mirrors that are specially designed to make you feel better about yourself? We tend to forget that perception is reality. Who says that you aren’t beautiful? Nobody but your mind. I am sure I have walked into some high street shops, and I have come out of them feeling like Prince Charming. All that happened in that shop was a mirror; built and fitted in such a way that when I saw myself, it emphasised the grace of my appearance and nothing else. I immediately felt great about myself and life suddenly felt, smelt and tasted better. Well, until I got back to my apartment block and into those lifts. But you get the point. It may not be the only thing that dictates our confidence but the physical mirror has quite a powerful influence.

A well-dressed woman suffering from the heartache of rejection could look into the physical mirror. Although it tells her “you look lovely and irresistible”, the image of a rejected woman is passing her a different message from her mind’s mirror. There is no amount of preaching that the physical mirror can do; she will not feel confident about herself because the mind’s mirror is always more powerful. On the flip side, a scruffy looking fellow who knows in his mind that he is loved and admired acts with full confidence. He will have happiness as the mind’s mirror always wins. This is why the world has its suicidal rich and happy poor. The mind’s mirror is the captain of the ship aboard which our lives set sail.

The amazing truth is that the mind’s mirror is an object of your own creation. Whether you are unaware of it or you are vaguely interested in it, the mind’s mirror is consistently being created by you. It is this same mirror that you will look into every hour of every day of your life to assess your own reflection.

What the mind’s mirror says of you is what you always become. It is your fate. The mirror never lies; it never fails. Create a mirror image of who you want to become. Hold it steady, and the mirror will transform you into what you want to become.